Thursday, June 14, 2018 Music Production Tips Music Production Tips
Written by Universal Aspects™ Founder Phillip Walker
Sound Design Tip:
One of the tricks I have found to more unique sound is using the same midi arrangement on multiple tracks with different sounds. Multilayered melody/bass (one of my techniques to creating my signature bass tracks)....
Plugin Tip:
The Order you put your plugins in is important. One plugin ahead or behind another can change the dynamics of your sound dramatically. I was taught in music school to always put compressors before other effects. I tend to put limiters last. EQs after compressors and before limiters works for me but there are exceptions to these rules. Part of proper sound design is arranging plugins in the correct order. You can tinker with the order of plugins on a track and hear the difference for yourself.

If you have a melody you like or are inspired by, play it out in MIDI, and then find a proper synth for it after it is keyed in.
Ableton Live Tip:
Side chaining (e.g. a bass to a kick) can add a good synergy to different tracks. The side chain in Ableton is called the "Glue Compressor" (seen below)...

Recommended Software:
My Favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is Ableton Live. I believe it is in a class of it's own from what I have witnessed.
My Favorite Plugins:
-Nice Reverb: Valhalla Vintageverb ($50)
-Favorite Synthesizer: Sylenth1 ($100-$220)
-Favorite Compressor: Renaissance Axx ($39-$79)
-Favorite Mastering Plugins: The Kings Microphones ($29-$99), MSW1 (no longer available from Soundspot - link not available), Infected Mushroom Pusher ($29-$49).
Some of My Favorite Music Resources: - Musician Remix and Collaboration Website - Unlimited iTunes+ Distribution for a low price - 100% Royalties

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